Thank you for choosing my shop for your decoden case. I'm super honored. 


♡Please make sure to read the additional info on the right!♡



  • Custom orders take anywhere from 2 to 4 weeks to create

    ♡ Submit custom order form

    ♡ Receive quote within 72 hrs

    ♡ Approve/disapprove/change the requested items

    -- if you're on this page you've made it half way! --

    ♡ Payment processed and approved (1-2 business days)

    ♡ Requested pieces are created 

    ♡ If you've requested a specialty item that needs to be ordered, it is ordered for case

    ♡ Custom item that was ordered has arrived to me

    ♡ Send layout to customer

    ♡ Layout confirmed/denied

    ♡ Create Case 

    ♡ Case is air dried 

    ♡ Ship case to customer.

  • Don’t mind the scent it just needs a bit of fresh air from the packaging!

    Try to avoid dropping your case on hard surfaces. My cases are strong, but not indestructible. Unfortunately it will happen, but try to minimize the frequency.

    Be careful when placing and pulling your case in and out your pocket.

    Please try not to pick at the pieces on the case, this can cause them to weaken; these little pieces are no match for human strength.

    Whip Cream cases tend to attract more dust than normal. When this happens, gently wipe it with a moist cloth, or you can use a piece of tape to grab it.

    Enjoy your case.

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